Food Sector

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Plant destined for food use is constructed by highly qualified staff and certified welders. The joints are welded under an inert gas atmosphere using automatic orbital or manual welding equipment. Tubes are cut using orbital saws. Our experience in the food industry ranges from the transport of products (butter, eggs, jam, chocolate, oil, fat, flour, bread, milk etc.) to process automation.

Wine sector

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In the wine sector we have used our experience matured in other sectors to build installations that distinguish us for the high level of technology used. We have been able to create state of the art energy saving installations in collaboration with a number of clients.

We make plant to measure for clients for the following uses:
  • Grape drying
  • Temperature control of vats
  • Temperature control of barriques and rooms
  • Refrigeration / heating
  • Transport of the pressed grapes
  • Water treatment
  • Heat exchangers